shake your tailfeather

This post is not about dancing.

This video is about dancing (and awesomeness):

but this post is not.

No! It is to point you toward a review I did earlier this month over at the book blog Sophisticated Dorkiness, which belongs to my friend Kim Ukura. Kim is the new editor of the Morris Sun Tribune (yay, Kim!).

Review preview:

Here’s basically what I thought when I saw Feathers sitting on Kim’s bookshelf:

Feathers!!!!! They are awesome!

Here’s an exchange I’ve had several times since taking the book:

Me: I’m [about to read/reading/just finished with] a new book.
Other Person: What’s it called?
Other Person: What’s it about?
Me: Feathers. Actual feathers.
Other Person: …Oh.

That’s right: this book is called Feathers and it’s about actual feathers like are on birds.

Go read!

To tie in to the everyday theme of this blog, reading this book has made me extremely alert to the presence of feathers. And birds.

Guys, there are a lot of birds in downtown Madison.

Here are some birds I saw while out for a walk the other day at my new, non-downtown apartment:

I promise that there are three sandhill cranes in that photo, sort of at the center and then going right.

The author of Feathers, Thor Hanson, talked about how writing a book about feathers meant that people brought him all kinds of feathers. And birds. And bird parts.

Some of you might know about it being almost always illegal to possess eagle feathers in the US. The same is true for other birds of prey.

It’s also true for native Canada geese, blue jays, and cardinals. It’s true for more than 800 bird species in the US.

Also, it does not require intent for you to run afoul* of this law. Just FYI.

*I definitely typed “afowl” first and almost left it.


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  1. Yay, book review 🙂 Hee hee, afowl. You should have left it.

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